About Hardmind


Hard(hдrd) adj.
adj. harder , hardest
1. Resistant to pressure; not readily penetrated.

Mind(mоnd) n.
1. The human consciousness that originates in
the brain and is manifested especially in thought,
perception, emotion, will, memory, and imagination.

About Hardmind...

Co-founders Jamie Velasquez (Mindgame) and Howard Grene (How Hard) created Hardmind in 2001. They aimed to revitalize and progress the struggling local rave scene through grass-root music distribution and event production.

Adopting a "do it yourself" attitude, Jamie and Howard took initiative towards making the change they wanted to see in rave culture. Within six months, NJ up and comer Integrity caught the attention of the crew and upon his first performance for Hardmind at the first Blending Formz, a third member was announced. Shortly after, DJs The Mannchild and Sanz One were added to the lineup to further expand Hardmind's hardcore branch. By the end of 2002, long time friend & collaborator DJ Big Ears was asked to join to complete the still standing six person force.

Hardmind aims to spread a wide variety of aggressive electronic music with a focus on Hardcore, Techno, Acid, and Jungle. Additionally, they continually strive to be the ultimate representation of the music and culture they hold so close to their hearts.

Hard is Heart...Mind is Strength

To date, all Hardmind DJs have performed throughout the United States and Canada and have produced and/or contributed to a variety of Northeastern United States events. Future goals include continued original music production, solo and collaborative event production, and national tours to expose more people to the sounds and character of Hardmind.